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  • In a recent interview, Essex native Tirzah described her debut album with self-deprecation as, “Just a bunch of love songs; a whole heap of thoughts and feelings.” But actually to describe them with that simple throwaway catch-all of “love songs” does this Mica Levi-collaborator a disservice: these are tracks that glow subtly and intimately with the nuances of a relationship. Tirzah’s been around for a while now - ‘I’m Not Dancing’ was a low-key indie floorfiller back in 2013 - but the wait for a full-length has been worth it. Devotion is a record laden with beautifully written songs full of disarming candour and off-beat production, and that “heap of thoughts and feelings” will stay with you.
  • Miles Kane - Coup De Grace
    • 16-bit FLAC
    • Reduced
    It’s been easy to dismiss Miles Kane as Alex Turner’s lesser half in the glossy cinematic output of their band, the Last Shadow Puppets - not bad, not remarkable, and definitely a bit too cocky and “for the lads”. But this is Kane’s third solo effort, and it finds him a little more on edge than before: a bit more punk, a bit more interesting, a lot more fighting the many preconceptions that perhaps unfairly swirl around him. With collaborations from Lana Del Rey and a whole lot of collaborative writing with Jamie T (of course in a hotel following a break-up) this is an album that deals impressively with raw heartbreak. Forget what you know about Miles Kane, for all you indie rock heads this might just be a pleasant surprise.

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